Here I am again…

For those of you who have visited my website in the past, you may have more than a few questions. Ah man, do I have a story to tell you! For those of you who might stumble upon this for the first time, let me give you a little background:

Previously, if you were to type my url above, you would have found Cat’s Dog House …a place to howl. A website that had been around for about 6 or 7 years. I published a couple of pages on that website. One was called Cat’s Litter Box – it was a page that highlighted the independent music that I was into. I would feature a video or mp3, and with as much profanity as possible, write about how sexy and talented the artist was. It was a lot of fun and I had access to a hell of a lot of new bands and their music. Just in case you’re wondering, I called it the Litter Box because music is THE shit!

The other was aptly named The Cat House – a page that featured the erotic fiction I wrote (and in a few cases co-wrote) in short story form. These stories were unashamedly pornographic (and profanity ridden as well – what can I say, I’m bilingual. I speak both English and Trucker). I was in my late 40s, separated from my husband and horny as hell. I found writing the stories allowed me to release the ton of sexual tension I was holding on to at the time. It was highly therapeutic and also a lot of fun to write.

I hadn’t written in either, not regularly anyway, for a couple of years. It’s not because I fell out of love with independent music or sex, as I am still quite fond of both. To come clean with you, I don’t know why I stopped writing. Did I get lazy? Or maybe I felt uninspired or blocked. Whatever the case, nothing new from me for long stretches. I thought about giving up the site but I had created a lot of content on there, so I just kept paying for my domain and backup server without contributing much else.

Okay, is everybody all caught up on my history now? Great. So here’s what’s happened. My DNS company’s server crashed…or shut down…or whatever. I never heard from them. My website and all my content disappeared. I tried to contact them, everything bounced back. It’s all gone. I understandably freaked the hell out, as you can imagine. Just one more fucking thing to happen this year, right?! After a few deep inhalations (of some primo weed) I somewhat calmed down. I mean really, after everything else this year, I was freaking out about a website that I had lost interest in anyway? I started thinking about it in a new light. Perhaps it was a good thing…a kick in the ass, so to speak, to shit or get off the pot. I still owned the domain. I could find another DNS provider…maybe one a little more mainstream and reliable…. and I could start from scratch. If I was feeling uninspired or blocked in what I was known for writing., maybe it was time to write about something else.

I imagine my first few posts will be mostly brain vomit…it’s been a hell of a year, in so many ways, for so many people. I’m going to make the effort to post once a week, so who knows what will come out of my mouth, wisdom or bullshit, I’ll let you be the judge.

For my old friends who used to visit my page, welcome back…I hope you dig the new content. For first comers who made it through all my blathering, I hope you come back. You can never have too many friends…or too much hope.

Until next time, keep yourselves in love,


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